2015 Super Bowl Draw

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Super Bowl 49 Game Day

Sunday February 1st 2015

In Super Bowl  XLVII,

the NFC was represented by the San Francisco 49’ers, and the AFC was represented by the Baltimore Ravens

Quarter Results:

NFC (San Francisco 49’ers)         1st = 3 points               2nd=3 points                 3rd=17 points               4th=8 points                 Total= 31 points

AFC (Baltimore Ravens)                 1st = 7 points               2nd=14 points              3rd=7 points                 4th=6 points                 Total= 34 points

Our Winners:

1st Quarter                  Actual score is AFC=7         NFC=3            Winning ticket            AFC=7             NFC=3             Denis Gionet

2nd Quarter                 Actual score is AFC=21       NFC=6             Winning ticket            AFC=21          NFC=6             Tyler Brady

3rd Quarter                  Actual score is AFC=28       NFC=23          Winning ticket            AFC=28          NFC=23          Gary MacNeil      

Final Score                 Actual score is AFC=34       NFC=31          Winning ticket            AFC=4             NFC=1             Scott Townsend

The 2013 Big Game results

Congratulations to our winners,

and thanks to everyone for supporting this fundraiser.


We look forward to next year’s Big Game.

How did your Team do

in 2014 ??


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The 2014 Big Game results

In Super Bowl  XLVIII,

the NFC was represented by the Seattle Seahawks, and the AFC was represented by the Denver Broncos

Quarter Results:

NFC (Seattle Seahawks)                 1st = 8 points               2nd = 14 points            3rd = 14 points            4th= 7 points                Total = 43 points

AFC (Denver Broncos)                   1st = 0 points               2nd 0 points             3rd 8 points             4th= 0 points                Total =   8 points

Our Winners:

1st Quarter                  Actual score is AFC=0         NFC=8            Winning ticket            AFC=0             NFC=8             Troy Langendoen

2nd Quarter                 Actual score is AFC=0         NFC=22          Winning ticket            AFC=0             NFC=22          Darcy McClure

3rd Quarter                  Actual score is AFC=8         NFC=36          Winning ticket            AFC=8             NFC=6             Jim Fleming       

Final Score                 Actual score is AFC=8         NFC=43          Winning ticket            AFC=8             NFC=13          Troy Langendoen

2015 Game details

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Will your team make it this year ?


Which team’s name will appear here ?

How we do it:


This one’s easy too…

We’ve put together and pre-printed all the possible score combinations for the Big Game’s

1st quarter, Half-Time, 3rd quarter and the Final scores

from 00-00 (could be a quarter score, but yah, not the final),

to 29-29 (have you seen the big final scores from the last few seasons??…)

(*** Scores higher than 30-30 will roll over from the bottom again, 00-00 is 30-30, etc…)


For $2 , we’d be happy to have you pick the right ticket from the pile… it’s that simple.

Have a look at our prizes and you’ll know this is the best $2 bucks you’ve spent in a long time:


1st Quarter     $ 50.00

 Half Timer       $100.00

3rd Quarter      $200.00

           Final       $400.00


                                           Final Score      $400.00    yup, we said $400.00 !!!


 and there is no limit to how many tickets you may grab up.