Community Breakfast

Serving the Community’s Greatest Need...

The Clinton Kinsmen

put together a great breakfast ...

...and always for the benefit

of our Community







Our next Breakfast date will be

Sun Apr 27 2014

8:00 am to 11:00 am


At the MyUnited Community Hall, CHCC



With Proceeds going to

 Community Betterment


Celebrating 60 Years   1952-2012

The key steps in preparing a great Breakfast...


· 3:00 am, wake up those Kinsmen Lads

· 6:05 am, try again… they ignored you the first time… too early...

· 6:30 am, assemble at the CHCC and make coffee for ourselves; use the BIG kettle...

· 6:45 am, chase the chickens to pick those fresh eggs… when that fails, retrieve fresh eggs from the refrigerator

· 6:50 am, more coffee… (mmm, coffee…)

· 7:05 am, check ü,warm up the ovens and that huge griddle

· 7:07 am, “Toast !  We forgot Toast ! “

· 7:12 am, check ü, found Bacon and Sausage

· 7:17 am, check ü, Bacon and Sausage on the griddle

· 7:28 am, check ü, Hash Browns in the oven

· 7:35 am, check ü, located fresh bread for making Toast

· 7:35:01 am, “Toasters !  We forgot Toasters ! “

· 7:35:16 am, “Relax, we have Toasters… go wash dishes or something, and stay out of our way”

· 7:41 am, check ü, prepare Juice, Coffee and fresh Fruit

· 7:45 am, check ü, begin Eggs and Pan-cakes… we want them to be just right when our first patrons arrive

· 7:52 am, check ü, begin making the Toast

· 7:55 am, throw open the big window between the kitchen and the dining hall… smile...

· 8:00 am, Show Time!

· 8:00 am to 11:00 am, continue to serve up that great Breakfast to our hungry guests

· 11:05 am, clean up… Thanks Everyone for your Support !!



Wow… we make it sound easy, don’t we??