Clinton Kinettes

Serving the Community’s Greatest Need...

A volunteer organization doesn’t get very far without a lot of help…

Really, Really Good help… from some Really Great Ladies...


While many of the Clinton Kinettes are acquainted with us because

we’re their spouses, we know them collectively as our Sisters-at-Arms,

and we’re proud to call them all our friends…


They do wonderful community work of their own, but from our joint ventures

such as the Santa Claus Parade, Easter Egg Hunt and

our PluckinFest festival, these Ladies are at our side…


Mmm… except for maybe Ladies Night, where they usually all try to get

front row seats, and then deny knowing some of us Kinsmen afterwards…

For their reasons, you may want to click here






2013-2014 Club Members


Sonya Brady

Jenn Burns

Linda Carter ***

Maryann  Chambers ***

Jennifer Corbin

Sue Cowman

Ang Cullen

Pat Datema

Brenda Hart

Danielle Johnston

Betty Kelly

Jen Langendoen

Amy Leppington

Jenn Lichty

Tena Mash

Chris McCullough ***

Jill McCullough

Paula McDonald

Kathy Meier

Dana Mellor

Susan Meyers  ***

Stacey Middleton-Lyons

Dawn Powell-Parker

Meggin Van Hoof

Chelsea Wilkinson

Chris Wilson


*** Active Life members



Clinton Kinette Life Members


Linda Carter

Maryann Chambers

Marie Jefferson

Chris McCullough

Susan Meyers

Bev Riley






2014-2015 Club Executive


Past President  -  Jen Langendoen


President  -  Stacey Middleton-Lyons

Vice President  -  Amy Leppington

 Treasurer  -  Kathy Meier

Secretary  -  Ang Cullen

Registrar  -  Dana Mellor

Bulletin Editor  Tena Mash

 Membership  -  Jill McCullough

CF Service & Awards  Dawn Powell-Parker and

                                             Jenn Burns




To contact the Kinettes:


Primary Contacts:


· 2014-2015 Club President:

         Stacey Middleton-Lyons   (519) 523-9641        



             Clinton Kinettes

             PO Box 220

             Clinton, Ontario

             N0M 1L0



Club-House located at:

             162 Maple St.

             Clinton, Ontario



Club-House Phone:

             (519) 482-9696








· 2014-2015 Meeting Schedule  (click for schedule)













Please welcome

the newest Kinette




Jenn Lichty

Amy  Leppington

Dannielle Johnston

Chelsea Wilkinson

Celebrating 60 Years   1952-2012