2016 - 2017 NHL Hockey Pool

Serving the Community’s Greatest Need...



Hockey Pool !!

Celebrating 60 Years   1952-2012

Once again, this year all proceeds from the Hockey Pool

are going to our continued support of the

Central Huron Community Complex

It’s easy… you put together your own team of 20 players, from the pick-list we provide, and watch your team throughout the entire NHL regular season…

At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins… it’s that simple.


Entry for each team is $10.00, limit of two teams.


This year’s draft picks are listed right here…

follow our directions on the attached form and join in on the fun.





Remember, your team must be entered by Oct 11th 2016


You can watch your team’s official point standings throughout the season here...




 Pool ID: 174108       Pool password : Radars



Good luck !




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